Frequently Asked Questions

Does Double Zebra know everything about marketing and sales?

No. There is no one agency or company that can know everything. This is why we devote time to building relationships with core experts, so we can bring in the right solutions at the right time to round out our internal team. We have a solid foundation in marketing ourselves, which is how we are able to create dynamic teams so efficiently and effectively.

Will I save money by working with you as compared to a large agency?

In many cases, yes! Our packages tend to be highly competitive, especially when compared to large agency rates. We also try and set you up with a strong solution the first time, which saves you time (and ultimately money) by not going down the wrong path over and over. Working within your budget, we hand select the specialized team that we believe will work best for you, putting your monthly spend to good use.

Even if we are able to beat out other premier options by 5 – 10%, this is not a discount program or coupon book. Expect to pay a competitive rate for highly specialized professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to your benefit.

What types of budgets do you typically work with?

Budgets fluctuate depending on the services needed. If budget can sustain it, we will quickly create a power team of all-stars who command top dollar for their specialized expertise. For starter budgets, programs will be more foundational and proof of concept.

There is no upper limit; however if your budget is bottomless, you are going to want to consider a large agency of record. Similarly, if your monthly budget is well below $2500, this is likely not the solution for you.

At any time working with us, your budget and package may be expanded for a more scalable and robust program, depending on goals and needs.

What happens after I contact you with a marketing or sales need?

We will follow up with a conversation, typically within 1 business day. If a plan of action comes to mind right away, we will make our proposal shortly following our conversation. If we need time to make a better recommendation, we will let you know, and typically follow up within 1-2 business days.

If Double Zebra creates a package for me, am I under obligation to move forward?

Not at all. However, we aim to get it right the first time, and typically recommend the services that we believe will be most beneficial for you, within budget. We put care and attention at the beginning in thinking throughout the options and coming up with a plan tailored around your specific needs and priorities. If it isn’t the right fit, we want to know why so we can make adjustments quickly.

Do you help with project-based work in addition to retainers?

It depends on the project and the associated budget. Our team is comprised of specialists and longstanding professionals who tend to be in high demand. So the project has to be the right fit to assemble a team around. Some work is inherently project based, such as websites, which we do take on. But typically these are part of a larger marketing strategy that is rolled out over time.

I have more than one marketing / sales need. Are you a one stop shop?

Yes, although not in the sense of traditional agencies. In addition to our core team, what we do is work with with niche providers that are really really strong in one or two specific areas, as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions that are closer to generalists than specialists.

What if I need something Double Zebra doesn't do - will you recommend someone?

If there is something you need that we don’t do, but we know someone great who does, we’re happy to make the referral. If this is the case, you would most likely contract directly with the specialist we send your way. If you contract directly with the resource, then all terms and conditions are between you and the resource, and it is the full responsibility of the resource to ensure satisfaction. No need to BCC us in perpetuity.

I am an agency or specialized provider who is interested in working with you. How do we partner up?

Contact us and we will be in touch if we feel you may be the right fit. From there, we will have an initial conversation and get to know each other, and answer any questions you may have.